Traditionally, the exhibition met all expectations!

Traditionally, the exhibition met all expectations!

21 october 2023 0000

Aydin Askerov, Operations and Maintenance Manager, Saffron Group Company

- Saffron Group Company is one of the largest restaurant chains in Azerbaijan. And in our restaurants, we widely use various ventilation and water equipment, air conditioning and heating systems, and sanitary equipment. We constantly update and monitor the quality of equipment. Therefore, the need to be constantly informed about new trends and products explains my annual visit to the Aquatherm Baku exhibition.

I identified the products of a number of Turkish and European companies that manufacture ventilation and fire-fighting equipment and a company that offers automation services in restaurants. We agreed to establish business relations for possible cooperation.

As usual, the exhibition met all expectations. The "live" contacts and interaction do not replace any other means of communication. For me, Aquatherm Baku is a kind of showroom, where one can review products and novelties of a number of manufacturers of products online in a single space and compare quality and prices to determine the line of further cooperation.