Promising meetings and acquaintances with representatives of many companies

Promising meetings and acquaintances with representatives of many companies

21 October 2022 0000

Yasin Mustafayev, director of GEOID MMC

We are engaged in topography and cartography activities. The beginning of any construction is preceded by topographic works. At the same time, the design of the future building is also being carried out.

Of course, the topography is of great importance for the location of the building, the level of its placement and the provision of a safe zone.

The exhibition aroused great interest among thousands of visitors, including us. People are interested in technical innovations that specialists seek to introduce in their production. We are mainly engaged in the construction of roads, buildings and bridges, so tiles, ceramic tiles, and pipes attracted our attention.

At AquaTherm, I met representatives of many companies exhibiting various equipment and household appliances, ventilation systems, as well as filters for water cleaning and heating systems, etc.

 Our company would also like to take part in the exhibition. There is a good expression: "Advertising is the engine of trade." I am sure that such large-scale exhibitions serve as excellent trade tools and contribute to the development of companies. Everyone who takes part in the AquaTherm project has the opportunity to find potential customers for themselves.