Positive sides of our activity

Positive sides of our activity

20 October 2022 0000

Namig Rakhmatov, director of Sabkond-HVAC

Sabkond-HVAC was founded in 1997 and is engaged in the import of cooling equipment to the country. We are the official representative of the refrigeration equipment of the Chinese brand GREE, having received the official authorization of GREE in 2007. This is already the fifth Aquatherm Baku exhibition in which our company takes part with the stand Sabkond-HVAC.

The exhibition is very well organised. This year the event has expanded, the number of participating companies has increased.

Our specialisation in central air conditioning systems allows us to contribute to the revival of Karabakh. Obviously, our company has also participated in previous projects. Today we expect to meet many potential customers here. By the way, their number is also increasing every year. The exhibition has already helped us in terms of interesting meetings and business dialogues. As always, at the end of the event, we expect positive results.

A lot of construction work is underway in Azerbaijan, and this has a positive impact on our activities. As construction continues and expands, so will the demand for our products.