Number one company on the Polish market!

Number one company on the Polish market!

21 October 2022 0000

Andrzej Maicejczyk, Sales Manager of Tech Controllers company (Poland)

At the Aquatherm Baku exhibition, we represent the Polish Tech Controllers company, which is engaged in the production of microprocessor devices for consumer electronics. Our company is listed as number 1 on the Polish market. We are the largest Polish manufacturer of controllers for solid fuel boilers.

Tech Controllers is active in Eastern and Western Europe, uniting 650 people. More than a hundred of them are programmers. We produce electronics for "smart" homes, in particular, control of solid fuel, gas boilers, radiators and under-floor heating.

The presentation of the most reliable products was organised at the exhibition. I want to note that some of them have no analogue! Our devices are of high quality and reliability, which is emphasised by many years of experience.

We hope for close cooperation with Azerbaijani companies. Several local firms have already negotiated with us and offered cooperation. Our team is in Azerbaijan for the first time. We really liked the city of Baku. We were able to communicate with the locals, getting to know the people and their goodwill. Therefore, we are confident that the presentation of our products and the cooperation with Azerbaijan will be fruitful.