Introduction to innovations and alternative products

Introduction to innovations and alternative products

21 october 2022 0000

Ihsan Yildirim, co-founder of ANKA construction

ANKA construction company has been engaged in construction and design in Azerbaijan for almost five years. I have already visited the Aquatherm Baku exhibition before. It provides an opportunity to meet new companies, and learn about innovations in construction and design technologies. To be honest, in the last few years, fewer new products have been shown in the exhibition: previously, European companies were constantly present here with surprises of innovations.

I'm interested in everything related to construction. I'm not looking for a specific product. However, it was interesting to get acquainted with a large number of filters for water supply and heating systems. As we operate in the construction sector, in addition to design innovations, we also follow innovative processes. The laws of business in any market provide for the need to keep an eye on alternative products. Local manufacturers exhibited novelties that interested us. Separately, I would like to note the company STP, which surprised us with a spectacular exposition.

I think that such exhibitions as Aquatherm are necessary for the country, and for many people. Exhibitions are the places where people make new connections and gradually analyze current trends.