Current offers from AquaTech

Current offers from AquaTech

19 october 2022 0000

Javid Mammadov, Chief Engineer of AquaTech

AquaTech company has been operating in Azerbaijan for more than twenty years and has repeatedly participated in Aquatherm Baku exhibitions. We are engaged in water purification, we install water softening systems. We also have facilities for cleaning kitchen filters. The company also sells and installs filters. Mechanical filters, cotton, ultraviolet, antibacterial and carbon filters are presented on our stand. The filters eliminate unwanted odors. Mineral filter softens the water. Among the exhibits are quartz sand, salt, etc. - fillers for the household filters. We call the main water purifier Memran. We have two types of filters: open and closed. A new product at the exhibition is an electronic system that helps softening water. It is installed in the houses, apartments, controlling problems associated with water, prevents the formation of scale on the taps, in shower cabins and kitchens. At the presentation you will see two control panels for this system: mechanical and electronic RUNHEN. The electronically controlled model is considered more modern, it is produced in various designs and compactness. I think that exhibitions like Aquatherm Baku are very important for many companies. There are many specialists around who strive to get full-fledged professional information about new technologies and industrial development. Therefore, we inform the visitors of the exhibition in detail about our products.