Aquatherm Baku - Any architectural project can be realized in Azerbaijan!

Any architectural project can be realized in Azerbaijan!



Zamanat Huseynli, Director of "Zamanetli Construction"

As the head of a construction company, Aquatherm Baku attracts me with a good opportunity to study the market and get to know new products in the industry, including materials and services. The exhibition demonstrated that Azerbaijan has everything necessary for the implementation of any architectural project.

At the exhibition I was interested in all directions, but since our next project is at the level of installation of water supply, heating and air conditioning systems, the main negotiations I had with representatives of companies working in this direction. Found everything I was looking for. I am glad that the production of all these products is organized in Azerbaijan. I was also impressed by the holding of an exhibition on the restoration of Karabakh. The projects presented at it are impressive in their scale. Like the entire Azerbaijani people, we are ready to take part in any construction and other projects implemented in the liberated territories.