Aquatherm Baku - We are looking for distributors to supply products to Azerbaijan

We are looking for distributors to supply products to Azerbaijan



Viliya Shilova, Lead Marketer, Plastik LLC

Our factory has been specializing in the production of polypropylene products for more than thirty years. Pipes and fittings for water supply, heating, as well as fire extinguishing systems. We produce everything related to the field of water supply. Advertising materials and product samples in all directions were brought to the AquaTherm exhibition. Our goal is to spread the word about the three-step quality control: raw material production, manufacturing process and finished products.

We are in Baku for the first time. We want to find distributors to supply products to Azerbaijan and maintain long-term trade relations. On the very first day of the exhibition, business meetings were held, useful contacts were made, and we hope that they will bring further fruits of close cooperation.

It is a joint exhibition, which I like most of all. Thus, the flow of visitors is much higher. I liked the organisation level and the stands. I believe that for promoting a product, an exhibition is the best tool for finding and attracting new buyers. Nowhere else is there such a large concentration of target audience. Contracts and agreements are executed quickly and efficiently here.