Aquatherm Baku - Our products are used in the construction operations in Karabakh

Our products are used in the construction operations in Karabakh



Zaur Veliyev, Head of Sales Department, Azertexnolayn MMC

Our company has been operating since 2011. We have three factories and one production area. We are engaged in the production of steel pipes, polyethylene and cast iron products.

At Aquatherm Baku 2021, the company is exhibiting water and gas pipes, sewer pipes. The range of offers also includes foundry products; water grates, hatches, ladders, fire hydrants. They are used by such large companies as SOCAR, Azersu and the Seaport. The peculiarity of our water pipes is that they are coated with food-grade paint inside. Therefore, the water in these pipes remains clean and usable.

The current exhibition helps well the presentation of our products, which are currently being used in the construction of Karabakh. Our foundry company is seeking to develop business relationships to continue to participate in the Karabakh reconstruction project.

I have been participating in exhibition projects for several years, but today's forum has a special spirit, which is emphasized by the call for the restoration of Karabakh. People are very interested in our products and ask a lot of questions. I believe that the exhibition has become a good mediator between manufacturers and interested people.

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