Aquatherm Baku - Flights allowed from 20 more countries to Azerbaijan

Flights allowed from 20 more countries to Azerbaijan



The Cabinet of Ministers has made an amendment to the decision on measures on extending special quarantine regime and eliminate some restrictions,” APA reports.

According to the decision, flights are allowed from 20 more countries to Azerbaijan.

According to the decision, taking into account relevant requirements, from August 5, 2021, the citizens of the following countries, and citizens of the other countries living permanently in these countries, as well as stateless persons, are allowed to enter and exit to the Republic of Azerbaijan from August 5, 2021:

- Federal Republic of Germany;

- The Republic of Austria;

- Kingdom of Beldium;

- Czech Republic;

- Kingdom of Denmark;

-Republic of Irland;

- Kingdom of Spain;

- Kingdom of Sweden;

- Swiss Confederation;

- Canada;

- Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

- Republic of Malta;

- Kingdom of Netherlands;

- Republic of Poland;

The Republic of Portugal;

- Republic of Serbia;

- Republic of Singapure;

- Republic of Slovenia;

- Republic of Slovakia;

- The Republic of Greece.