Aquatherm Baku - Where the comfort of modern housing begins

Where the comfort of modern housing begins



Ayaz Nazarov, Executive Director, TurnEast Construction

By constantly visiting the Aquatherm Baku exhibition and observing its development, I come to the conclusion that this forum successfully reflects the progress of the hydrotechnical industry on an international scale. Professionals of the construction industry here analyse not only foreign innovations, but also participate in dialogues on the modernization of modern housing, looking for a new constructive principle of urban planning. The main thing is that the presented expositions are associated with convenient forms of living in a big city.

My friends - architects and builders get the opportunity to compare the most advanced housing concepts of the 21st century. The house begins with communications and therefore, of course, it should be convenient and reliable in all aspects. In general, I liked the exhibition with expositions of air conditioning systems, heating systems, thermal insulation materials, environmental protection technologies, and the development of solar energy storage.

I hope this event will become more diverse in the future, will receive a new impetus for development, and here we will communicate with new industrial manufacturers and leading market players.