Aquatherm Baku - Aquatherm monitoring: lots of interesting information!

Aquatherm monitoring: lots of interesting information!



Oleg Shatrovski, Director of Terrastruc

The company I represent is engaged in the construction of luxury apart-hotels in the coastal zone of Baku. My professional interest has brought me to the Aquatherm exhibition. I was interested in the equipment of the hotels under construction with high-quality equipment, which is presented here. Firstly, this is equipment for interior decoration - plumbing, water supply systems, water shutoff valves, heating and cooling systems, ventilation and automation, as well as fire and security alarms and fire extinguishing systems.

I can say that I was able to see all the products and equipment that interest me at the exhibition. I think this is the importance of the exhibition, when in a single space you can find all the necessary goods for both construction and internal improvement. The challenge now is to analyze the information received and take an appropriate follow-up action.