Aquatherm Baku - Presentation of the trademark Craft of the Russian Universal Plant

Presentation of the trademark Craft of the Russian Universal Plant



Andrey Laschenov, Head of Sales, CRAFT Ferrum, Russia

As one of the largest field-specific enterprises in Europe, we specialize in the production of gas exhaust pipes (chimneys) and boiler rooms made of stainless high-quality steels. Our debut at Aquatherm Baku is related to the presentation of Craft brand products from the Russian Universal Plant. We hope that it will interest any discerning customer. During the exhibition, we have planned numerous negotiations. Craft chimneys are used both in individual use and in large heating systems and large production boilers.

We previously won the tender in Azerbaijan, which was conducted by the State Housing Development Agency of Azerbaijan (SHDA), and implemented a chimney system in a SHDA-build social residential house; that is when we realized that there is a demand for our products in the country.

At this exhibition, we present industrial boiler rooms (power up to 5 megawatts).We cooperate with leading global manufacturers of boiler equipment, and have recently received a European certificate. Our products in Azerbaijan are still available through distributors; our products are one and a half times cheaper than those made in Europe, and stand alone in terms of quality. We think that the proposals of the company will interest developers in Azerbaijan.


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