Aquatherm Baku - A wide range of pipes and fittings

A wide range of pipes and fittings



Massimo Bosi, Regional Export Sales Manager, LARETER s.p.a. (Italy):

Our company is participating in Aquatherm Baku for the first time, since we consider the Azerbaijani market to be quite promising. We also expect to hold business meetings with potential clients as part of this event.

LARETER operates in different markets of the world, specializing in the production of a wide range of pipes and fittings made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) used in industry and construction (pipelines for water supply, sewage), as well as in agriculture for irrigation systems.

The credibility and reliability of our company's products are confirmed by the extensive history of their application in various strategic projects of Italian and other European companies in water treatment systems, as well as in construction and cooling processes.

Since 2008, LARETER has successfully applied the technology of manufacturing thermoplastic products through "injection molding" and "thermoforming".

The product range includes the manufacture of pipes and fittings, in particular, according to individual customer orders, for artesian wells, drainage systems, pools, refrigeration / geothermal units, geotechnical systems, tunnels.

High quality of our products allows us to export it to more than 40 countries.

I think that in Azerbaijan our products may be of interest to those companies that are engaged in agriculture, as well as large plants that deal with water.

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