Aquatherm Baku - Our company is well known in the Azerbaijani market!

Our company is well known in the Azerbaijani market!



Rustam Aghaev, Sales Manager at WILO SE:

The German company WILO is trying to regularly participate in the ─░nternational Aquatherm Baku exhibition. Our company is known on the Azerbaijani market, but we believe that participation in the Aquatherm Baku exhibition has a positive effect on expanding our customer base and provides detailed information on the latest updates from other specialized companies.

Founded in 1987 and now called WILO SE, the company since 2006 has an office in Baku along with representative offices in sixty countries of the world.

The company is a global manufacturer of pumping equipment for water supply, heating, ventilation, air conditioning of industrial and residential buildings, the high quality of which is recognized worldwide.

In Azerbaijan, we provide services for the delivery of equipment, its sale and maintenance, conduct technical training.

Among our clients in Azerbaijan there are companies associated with the oil and gas sector, industry, as well as private clients specializing in repair work in apartments and houses and who prefer European compact and efficient pumping and drainage systems.

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