Aquatherm Baku - Our motto is “We know the water”

Our motto is “We know the water”



Willy Daik, Export Manager of the German company Grunbeck

This is the first time we are participating in the International Aquatherm Baku Exhibition in Baku, presenting premium and extra-class water treatment products, and we expect to find customers in Azerbaijan through our partner, the construction company Caspian Service. We are pleased to have the opportunity provided by the Aquatherm Baku exhibition to enter a new, promising market.

The Grunbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH company has been operating since 1949 under the motto "We Know The Water", specializing in filtering and improving the quality of river, lake, and well (pump) water. Due to the rapid development of the agricultural sector in Azerbaijan, our products may be of interest to enterprises for the preservation of vegetables, fruits, producers of juices, alcohol, breweries. For household water consumers, we present the GENO-OSMO-X, Delta-p compact filters, the GENO-ultrafil ultrafiltration system.

Caspian Service, our partner, is dealing with the organization of bilateral meetings for the presentation of our products, and I hope that it will cause interest because our products stand out for their high quality (we guarantee its uninterrupted operation for several decades).

Moreover, concentrated fruits and vegetables can be diluted with our distilled water and it is safe to call such juices 100% natural.

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