Aquatherm Baku -  We combine our production activities with the charity!

 We combine our production activities with the charity!



Victor Lavrentik, Head of Sales and Marketing Department, Tsvetlit Unitary Enterprise

- I should note that the Tsvetlit Unitary Enterprise belongs to the Belarusian Society of the Deaf and this year we mark our 60th anniversary. 56 per cent of our employees are hearing-impaired people. That is, we, in addition to manufacturing high-quality injection moulding products, are also involved in the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired people.

The enterprise itself produces more than 360 products from the category of gas and water shutoff valves. These are shut-off valves, pressure regulators and valves for gas and water, check valves, fittings and much more. This is more than two million pieces of various products per month, which is about 200 tons of brass. More than 70% of products are sold for export.

A feature of our production is the injection moulding method, which differs from hot stamping and pressing, and makes products better. All our products are certified and pass several levels of verification. We have a wide dealer network, including the company Pyramid in Azerbaijan, which has been operating for more than 10 years.

In addition to the main products, of the new products demonstrated at Aquatherm 2019, I note fire-technical products - cast-iron valves and heads for fire hoses.

Our cooperation with Azerbaijan is growing from year to year, and our business relations are becoming even stronger. And I think to a large extent this is facilitated by our participation in this exhibition. The purpose of participation this year is to strengthen existing positions and identify promising areas for development.

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