Aquatherm Baku - Our participation in the exhibition increases our success

Our participation in the exhibition increases our success



Farhad Musayev, Director of Polymart LLC

Polymart LLC started production in 2015. Today, Polymart has a plant (3,000 m2), five representative offices, three offices abroad (Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine), several stores and a headquarters.

Our plant has production equipment from Germany, Austria and Italy; therefore we can produce high-quality P-Plast gas, water and sewer pipes and pipe connections in various sizes and settings in conformity with the standards. In addition to Polymart's preference for domestic production, it is also the official representative of a number of foreign manufacturers (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, etc.) in Azerbaijan. At Aquatherm Baku 2019, our company will showcase the materials needed to install water, gas and sewer systems. The products we offer differ from other analogues in terms of price and quality.

Our main goal at AquaTherm Baku 2019 is to introduce our product range and get involved in new projects. We would like to see specialists from major project institutes, and suppliers of domestic and foreign companies at our stand.

The main role of the Aquatherm Baku 2019 exhibition, in terms of the development of our company, is to establish new relationships, as it does every year. Our success in last year's exhibition yielded to an increase of our company's sales and to a wider market. 

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