Aquatherm Baku - Pleased to note the participation of many local companies

Pleased to note the participation of many local companies



Murad Aliyev

I have been meaning to visit this exhibition for such a long time. Now, when I am here, I am convinced of the high level of the organisation of this event. As for a well-designed stand and creativity, I was impressed by the GIG’s stand. I liked the presence of distribution companies that offered a lot of interesting new products. But the most pleasant impression was made by the participation of many local producers. Their presence in the domestic market is convenient and profitable. It is much easier to get in touch with domestic manufacturers, to contact and use services without leaving the country. Hence, the exhibition is very important. It is, first of all, informative. The more companies involved means more competition, and competitive companies always strive to provide new products and services in order to remain at the leading positions of the market; this leads to the development of this industry, and in general - the consolidation of the economy of the whole of our country.

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