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Gas boilers and water heaters



Liu Jibao, Department Manager, Foreign Trade, Jiangsu Wangao New Energy Technology Development Co., LTD

- Wangao (China), in cooperation with DEM (Germany), serves as the base for the development and production of gas boilers and water heaters. It is our fifth participation in this exhibition in Azerbaijan. We constantly upgrade our production process and carry out product tests, while using the latest equipment. Our company employs qualified Chinese and foreign specialists, as well as professional engineers and technical workers. The annual production is up to 200 thousand units. We sell our products in both Chinese and foreign markets. In the production of flow-type calorifiers we use the new German technology; key components are also imported from Germany, Italy and Denmark.

Gas boilers and water heaters of our production are economical, stable and productive. Wangao produces not only gas boilers, but also gas water heaters, and electric boilers. We care about the environment, developing the economy and improving people's lives.

The purpose of our participation in the exhibition is the desire to expand our customer base; the market in Azerbaijan is quite large and promising, and we have already gained a number of customers here. So, we will continue to work on increasing our clientele.

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