Aquatherm Baku - Innovations in heating systems

Innovations in heating systems



Armin Holnshanpur, Sales Manager of Daboo Sanat in Baku

- Our company was founded with the purpose of designing and producing various heating systems in the city of Mazandra (Iran) in 1996. Today, we export our products to Russia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. The company is known for its boilers, various furnaces (three-way, with a fire box, hot oil-based, etc), heat exchangers, diverse energy-saving systems, multi-purpose power stations, heaters and industrial burners that can be used in various industries and residential buildings; in short, wherever there is a need for hot water and steam. In addition, we have mastered the production of water heaters with a spiral heating element.

At Aquatherm Baku 2017, we are striving to renew old ties and look forward to new meetings and partners. Today, on our stand, we demonstrate several small devices of the newest technologies. It is a water heater with a spiral heating element. Spirals are at a distance from each other, from top to bottom, evenly transferring heat throughout the volume, not allowing the corrosion. Therefore it does not freeze and heats the water in a short time. In addition, we showcase the Fair Bucks water heaters, which are produced using advanced technology; its innovative feature is that the water inside passes through three phases and enables a quick heat. The most important thing is that these innovations allow you to save fuel.

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