Aquatherm Baku - Supply of high-quality pumps

Supply of high-quality pumps



Natalya Nesterova, Pomotion Manager at Unipump

- Our company supplies high quality pumps which are used to produce pumping stations with control units of various designs. We are mainly focused on the production of pumping stations with microprocessor control, which allows maintaining optimum pressure in the water supply network at different levels of consumption. In terms of its price, this equipment is accessible for a wide category of buyers.

At the exhibition we offer domestic pumps for the private sector and automation system to control these pumps. All products are manufactured at the plant in the Vladimir region. As is known, the import substitution program was adopted in Russia and all components of our products are manufactured in Russia.

Our product is competitive compared with foreign countertypes, especially in terms of its price and quality. It is for these parameters that visitors find our product interesting.

We have decided to benefit from the services offered by the organizers and sent invitations, placed banners, etc. The results are very pleasing! The first two days of the exhibition have been active – many major local wholesale companies have shown great interest in our company. Visitors believe that there is a lack of quality Russian products in the Azerbaijani market.

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