Aquatherm Baku - Active search for importers and distributors

Active search for importers and distributors



Sameh Hammad, Export Manager at Egyptian-German Industrial Corporate Egic

- Our company is among the debutants at the International Exhibition Aquatherm Baku 2016. The Egyptian company Egyptian-German Industrial Corporate Egic specializes in the production of piping systems in the field of water supply and sanitation (drainage) of different materials (polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene). All the production is based on innovative German technology licensed.

The main purpose of our participation is, above all, the active search for importers and distributors who could represent our products in the Azerbaijani market. Thus we expect to hold meetings with trade organisations, distributors and other industry professionals. This exhibition is perfectly organised, and the list of its participants is quite impressive. Participation of the industry leaders from around the world both in Aquatherm Baku 2016 and BakuBuild 2016 underlines the utmost importance of this international forum.

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